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How Does Fluoride Benefit Our Teeth?
We’ve Got the Fluoride Facts!

What’s so great about fluoride when it comes to oral health? Does it really make a difference if we expose our teeth to it or not? Hint: Yes, it absolutely does! In this blog, let’s talk about why dentists think fluoride should be incorporated into every oral hygiene routine.
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Oral Bacteria: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Learn about your mouth’s biggest enemies!

Our mouths are full of different types of oral bacteria. Some are good, and some are just plain evil (namely two types). How much do you know about the bacteria that inhibits your mouth? It’s actually rather interesting… find about them here!
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Why Over-Brushing Is Doing More Harm Than Good
Be Gentle with that Toothbrush!

Is your brushing technique healthy for your teeth and gums? You might be doing it wrong.
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Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Tongue Daily
Do you skip out on tongue cleaning?

Are you one to brush or scrape your tongue daily? If not, we’ve got some important reasons as to why you should add this to your oral hygiene practices.
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Four Steps to Healthy Gums
Gum Love Starts With You!

Our gums deserve adequate care every day. Here are four ways you can ensure your gums stay pink and healthy for life!
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You Won’t Believe What Dentistry Was Like 200 Years Ago
The 19th Century Was An Interesting Time!

Dentistry 200 years ago was SO different from dentistry today... get in on these interesting facts!
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