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Have You Been Flossing Incorrectly This Whole Time?!

Make Sure You’re Not Making These Common Mistakes

Despite what you may have heard, flossing is a necessary habit that helps to remove plaque buildup from below the gum line, while preventing gum disease and tooth decay between the teeth. But what’s a daily flossing routine if a person isn’t doing it correctly?

Check out these four common flossing mistakes that many people are guilty of:

1. Not flossing every single day

The rumors are true: people should be flossing every day! Not once a week, or every other day… every day. Brushing alone cannot clean the areas in between the teeth, so when you choose to brush only, you’re neglecting cleaning a considerable portion of your mouth.

2. Flossing with excessive aggression or force

Beware of the “snap”! Snapping the floss string down and up the gum line with force can irritate the gums, causing them to bleed and eventually pull back or recede. A gentle flossing technique is still very effective, as long as there’s just enough force being applied to dig up those icky food particles and debris.

3. Not flossing both sides of every tooth

Every side of every tooth needs attention from your floss. It can be an easy mistake to glide the string down and up once between each tooth, but this does not clean both of the tooth’s sides. Curve the floss into a “C” shape around each tooth side for an efficient clean.

4. Re-using the same section of floss

Re-using the same area of floss from tooth to tooth is only spreading bacteria from one area to another. Be sure to use a different section of string for every area that you floss.

The Health of Your Gums (and Teeth) Depend on It…

Well, are you a master flosser, or could your routine use a little more work? Once you’ve got the technique down to perfection, you’ll be flossing your way to a healthy mouth for life! But remember: only a dental hygienist can do what flossing (and brushing) alone can’t. Are you due for your regular cleaning and exam? Call our Milton dentist today to book a visit!

Are you flossing correctly?

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