• Why choose dentures?

  • Losing more than one tooth at a time can make chewing and speaking challenging. With the loss of multiple teeth, a partial or complete denture can be the best solution. These removable appliances are designed to support facial muscles to improve a patient’s overall appearance and give them back their smile.

  • What choice of dentures are there?

  • Dentures come in many forms to suit the situation. If all teeth are missing, a conventional denture can be used if the gums are healed up. The cheek muscles and tongue keep the denture in place. Immediate dentures are available at the time of tooth extraction as a placeholder until the gums are fully healed and a permanent denture is ready to be used. If some of the natural teeth can be saved, an overdenture or partial denture can be fitted over the existing teeth which provide stability. Implants are also suitable for attaching partial dentures.

  • How to care for your dentures?

  • Caring for your dentures is the same as caring for natural teeth. You should brush dentures daily to remove food and plaque so they stay nice and white. It helps to rinse before brushing to get rid of large food particles. Always use a soft bristle toothbrush and don’t forget to massage your gums. When you remove your denture, keep it covered in water so it doesn’t warp and store it somewhere safe. If you’re considering adhesives, ask our dental team at Southview Dental about the option that might work best for you. We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about partial or complete dentures.

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