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When and When Not to Worry About Dental Cracks, Chips & Fractures

Does your cracked tooth require some professional attention? We’ve got the details.

Have you ever been victim to a dental accident that caused a crack, chip or fracture in your tooth?

It can be quite an alarming or scary moment in time when part of a person’s tooth breaks off. Or in some cases, a person won’t even know their tooth is damaged until they look in the mirror and discover it for themselves - noticing anything from a small line running down the tooth, to a more noticeable piece completely missing (oh no!)

With that being said, our Milton dentist wants to break down the different types of cracks, chips and fractures that can occur in teeth - so you can know whether or not to be concerned about yours.

Here’s when you should be concerned:

If a portion of your tooth breaks off, particularly if it exposes the layer beneath the enamel (the dentin) - then a visit to the dentist is definitely in order. Fortunately, some dental chips are so tiny that they’re essentially harmless - and will only require a bonding treatment or small restorative dental treatment by our dentist to resolve.

However, more extensive dental chips or fractures should definitely be brought to the attention of a professional immediately - as they may extend into the secondary dentin layer, or worse, the pulp (root) of the tooth - which can cause irreversible damage.

These larger dental fractures are often caused by trauma or injury, or may even be the result of a large filling where decay once was. If the tooth’s pulp becomes infected or dies, then a root canal (endodontic) procedure, or in the worst case, extraction, will be the only possible solutions.

Here’s when you don’t need to worry:

When you observe your smile in a well-lit area and can notice multiple, very tiny and faint lines running vertically only on the surfaces of your tooth/teeth, then these are most likely just craze lines. Fortunately, this is no cause for concern!

Craze lines are extremely thin and barely visible hairline cracks that are only present in the surface enamel, therefore posing little to no risk to the tooth’s structural integrity or health. These little lines are actually extremely common in adults, as they generally occur over time with regular daily chewing or as the result of a regular teeth grinding habit.

Craze lines do not cause any pain, either - so they’re mostly just a cosmetic concern for anyone ultra-picky about their smile’s appearance.

Time for a check-up with our dentist, anyway?

Cracks, chips and fractures aside - if it’s been longer than 6 months since you’ve seen our dentist and hygienist for a check-up and cleaning, schedule your next visit with us soon!

Regular professional examinations are essential in order to detect any oral health warning signs before they become potentially bigger issues requiring more extensive treatment.

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