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How Does Fluoride Benefit Our Teeth?

We’ve Got the Fluoride Facts!

You’re probably heard your dentist boast about fluoride, and its benefits for your smile. But why exactly is fluoride praised among the dental community? How does it actually help to strengthen your teeth? Our Milton dentists have the deets.

Remineralization 101

Our teeth are composed of minerals. When we consume sugars and carbohydrates regularly, the bacteria in our mouths feasts on them, creating acids that demineralize the healthy teeth. Over time, this leads to cavities… but only if there is not enough remineralization occurring to repair the teeth. And fluoride is thought to actually help remineralize teeth that have lost minerals… so in other words, the earliest form of tooth decay can be reversed. But this is when the decay has not yet cavitated or require a filling, and typically appears as a white spot on the tooth.

Fluoride + Hydroxypatite = Fluorapatite

This little equation says a lot about how fluoride strengthens our teeth. When we have fluoride present in our mouths, it joins up with a compound in our teeth called hydroxypatite and creates a new compound called fluorapatite, which is actually more resistant to tooth decay than the original hydroxypatite. It’s quite incredible! So, regular exposure to fluoride, whether topically or systemically, will play a great role in protecting your teeth from the harmful effects of acid.

Where can I get fluoride?

You can expose your teeth to fluoride both systemically and topically. Systemic fluoride exposure occurs through the consumption of fluoridated water. Most communities fluoridate their water supply, always with a level of fluoride that is safe for drinking and considerably effective against tooth decay. You can also receive fluoride topically, through fluoridated dental products like tooth paste, mouth rinses, and even fluoride treatments at the dentist’s office.

Well… are you getting enough fluoride?

Our dentist will be able to recommend different ways you can ensure you’re exposing your teeth to enough fluoride, especially if your community water source is without fluoride or if your teeth are especially at risk for decay. Give us a call today!

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