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How Long Does a Dental Bridge Last?

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Dental bridges are oral appliances consisting of two or multiple dental crowns placed onto adjacent teeth (otherwise known as abutments), with the artificial dental replacements (also known as pontics) fixed to the crowns on each end.

Exploring the difference between removable bridges and fixed bridges

Removable bridges contain crowns (artificial tooth caps) on either end that are clipped onto the patient’s existing natural teeth. These are teeth that have been prepared by our Milton dentist to accommodate the crowns for a perfect fit.

Fixed bridges, on the other hand, can be similar to the removable bridge in that each end caps over a natural tooth - except in this case, they are permanently cemented together. Another type of fixed bridge attaches to dental implants instead of the patient’s natural teeth.

But how long can a dental bridge last?

How long a dental bridge lasts for is largely dependent on your personal oral care habits, as well as your lifestyle, and the kinds of foods you consume.

For example, the Cleveland Clinic has stated that while a dental bridge can last for at least five to seven years, this is raised to 10 or more years if the patient commits to regular dental visits (routine check-up and cleaning). And what’s more - the University of Rochester Medical Center had stated that a dental bridge even has the potential to last a lifetime provided good daily oral hygiene practices are followed!

More specifically, this means cleaning the teeth and gums using the appropriate tools and techniques twice daily, as well as avoiding any potentially destructive habits that could put the teeth/bridge at risk for breakage or wear - such as vigorous brushing or biting down on hard objects.

Finally, consuming the right foods will also play a role in maintaining your smile and your dental bridge with it.

Try your best to avoid eating foods that are high in sugars or starch, as this will increase your risk for decay around the bridge - which can compromise the appliance.

Additionally, when you first receive your dental bridge, it’s important to only eat softer foods that have been cut into smaller pieces for the time being. Avoid any hard, sticky or chewy foods such as steak or almonds/nuts, as well as caramel or gum, among others.

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How long does a dental bridge last?

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