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Why Are Routine Dental Visits with Our Milton Dentist and Hygienist Important?

Here’s why your smile appreciates when you visit the dentist’s office regularly

Excellent oral health goes beyond daily at-home cleaning and maintenance. In fact, it’s recommended by dental professionals that a person schedules a visit with their dentist and hygienist at least every 6 months on average, or whenever necessary.

So with that being said, let’s get into just why these routine dental visits are so necessary for your oral health, and general health, as well:

To check for oral health issues you may not be aware you had:

During the check-up portion of your appointment, our Milton dentist will check for a number of oral issues that may require treatment. In some cases, this may mean taking X-ray imaging to uncover any areas of concern that would otherwise be undetectable with the human eye.

For one, our dentist will check any early signs of tooth decay or dental cavities. A visual exam will be performed to assess the health of the teeth and gums, and a special tool will be used to feel for any soft or sticky spots on the tooth indicative of decay. The earlier tooth decay is addressed, the less invasive the treatment will be. It’s better to have require just a small filling vs. a large filling – or worse, a root canal or even extraction if the damage is severe enough.

The check-up will also take care of identifying any other suspicious areas on the teeth such as cracks or fractures, signs of wear that could point to a bruxism (teeth grinding) habit, or failing previous dental treatments that require fixing. The gums will also be inspected for any signs of disease or recession.

And finally, a quick and painless oral cancer exam will be performed as well through examining the neck, jaw, lymph nodes, tongue and soft tissues for any red flags. With the incidence of oral cancer on a steady rise and risk factors extending beyond smoking and drinking, this exam is more crucial now than ever before. The good news is, when caught early, oral cancer has a high treatment success rate.

To prevent periodontal (gum) disease and maintain a clean smile:

No matter how well a person sticks to their daily brushing and flossing routine, plaque will still build up on the teeth over time. And when plaque and tartar builds up and hardens onto the surfaces of the teeth, the teeth and gums will have a much more difficult time fighting off infection – increasing one’s risk for gum disease.

Fortunately, the cleaning portion of your routine dental visit will take care of this! Our hygienist uses special handheld tools designed to scrape off stubborn plaque and tartar deposits from the surfaces of the teeth and below the gum line. This kind of meticulous and thorough cleaning can’t simply be performed by a patient at home, and should always be performed by a trained professional.

To keep the smile in top shape for years to come:

A healthy, attractive and fresh smile is one that’s treated with proper and ongoing care. Aside from your daily at-home oral hygiene routine, periodic visits to the dentist will play a fundamental role in maintaining your smile’s health, vitality, and beauty for life!

Has it been longer than 6 months since you’ve last seen the dentist?

If yes, then it’s time to book another visit. Our Milton dentists and team would love to see you! Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Why regular dental visits are important

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