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Preventing Tooth Decay and Root Canals 101

What can I do to protect my teeth?

When tooth decay gets too severe, a root canal treatment is often in order. But what can we do to prevent tooth decay to the best of our abilities in the first place?

Well, here are five effective things you can do to prevent ever needing a root canal due to tooth decay/ cavities:

  • 1. Brush twice a day

    Brushing regularly will help to keep your teeth clean and free of harmful plaque bacteria. Our Milton dentists recommend you to brush twice daily using a fluoride toothpaste for two full minutes each time. It’s especially important to brush after eating any sugary foods… but make sure you wait 30 minutes after eating sugar before you brush. Sugary foods temporarily soften our enamel, so brushing them when they’re in this softened state might not be such a great idea.

  • 2. Floss once every day

    Flossing also eliminates plaque bacteria from in between the teeth, helping to prevent tooth decay. (Oh, and it’s completely necessary in order to prevent gum disease… so that’s another key reason to never skip flossing).

  • 3. Limit your intake of carb and sugar based foods

    The more you consume carb and sugar based foods, the more you’re putting your teeth at risk for decay. Try to limit the amount of these foods or beverages you consume, or reduce the number of times you snack throughout the day. If you can eat these foods at meal time/consumer them less frequently throughout the day, that will make a difference.

  • 4. Swish!

    Swish water or milk around in your mouth after consuming carbs and/or sugars to bring the mouth’s acidity levels down. This will help to protect you from tooth decay.

  • 5. See your dentist every 6 months for a check-up

    Regular check-ups with the dentist are extremely important in order to catch tooth decay early on before it’s so extensive it requires root canal therapy. If your tooth has a cavity that needs a filling, get it filled… don’t wait until that decay grows! (Because trust us, it will).

We hope this helps you on your journey to preventing tooth decay and root canal treatment!

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