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Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Tongue Daily

Do you skip out on tongue cleaning?

A complete oral care routine includes brushing for two minutes, twice a day, and flossing at least once a day. But wait… did we forget something? Yup.

Ladies and gentleman, we can’t forget that the TONGUE needs to be cleaned, as well! Our tongues are comparable to carpets that easily collect bacteria and debris from the food we eat… and it’s up to us to either scrape or brush away that gunk every day.

But why?

Our Milton dentist promotes daily tongue cleaning to ensure that your mouth is entirely clean… and not just limited to your teeth and gums. A dirty tongue is also largely responsible for halitosis, or bad breath… so scraping or brushing away the nasty bacterial mucus, you’ll be helping to ensure that your breath is fresh... and definitely not unpleasant.

Another interesting reason as to why daily tongue cleaning is a must is because it can actually improve your tasting abilities! Cleaning the tongue helps to free the taste buds so that they can better do their job… which of course, is helping you to taste and enjoy food.

Tongue cleaning 101

In order to effectively clean your tongue, you can do this one of two ways. The first way is to use your toothbrush bristles, dragging them from the back of your tongue up to the front. Repeat this until you feel you’ve achieved a sufficient clean. The second way is to use a tongue scraper specifically designed to provide an effective clean. In fact, using a tongue scraper may actually be a better way to get a thorough clean.

Clean you Tongue

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