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Six Steps to Healthier Gums (and a Healthier Smile)

Your gums depend on you to treat them right!

Our gums are such an incredibly important component of our oral and systemic health... and the ways in which we care for them every day has a big impact on their health and condition.

With that said, our Milton dentist is going to share with you six steps to maintaining healthy, attractive and disease-free gums for life

  1. Always floss daily:

    We know you’ve heard it before, but believe us: regular flossing is crucial, especially for gum health. The early warning signs of gum disease are bleeding gums with brushing or flossing – but if the condition is neglected treatment for long enough, the teeth become at risk for worse (the final problem being tooth loss).

    The good news is, daily flossing will keep gum (periodontal) disease at bay. Flossing really isn’t that big of a pain – and you can always find a type of floss that works better for you to make the job more convenient (for example, flossing with long string isn’t the only option out there! Many of us prefer floss picks).

    If you want more information about the types of floss out there that would be best for your smile, just ask our Milton dentist at your visit!

  2. Avoid aggressive or vigorous brushing:

    Rough or aggressive brushing, especially with a harder bristled toothbrush, can easily damage the gums by causing them to recede or pull back away from the teeth. This is a condition known as gum recession, and prevention is the best bet against it. While gum recession associated with aging or genetics is practically inevitable, doing your part to show your gums daily TLC will help to ensure they stay in great shape for years.

  3. Make sure you always brush twice daily:

    Brushing twice a day for two minutes each time will help to keep your mouth clean of bacteria/plaque accumulation... which is not only beneficial for the teeth, but for the gums, as well.

  4. Ensure you’re getting the right nutrition in your diet:

    A healthy diet particularly rich in calcium has been shown to reduce the incidence of gum disease. So, eat right and your gums will join your body in thanking you for it! (Keep in mind, for calcium to be properly absorbed by the body, you can’t forget about Vitamin D intake, as well)!

  5. Visit our dentist and hygienist ideally every 6 months:

    Routine check-ups with our dentist in Milton are extremely important in order to prevent, catch and treat oral issues - such as stopping early tooth decay in its tracks, before it becomes severe or extensive enough to require a root canal procedure (or worse - extraction). Our periodontal services, part of the cleaning portion of your visit, is also crucial in order to scrape away accumulative plaque and/or tartar from below the gum line and on the surfaces of the teeth which can lead to oral disease.

  6. Swish some water or milk around in-between sweet consumption:

    By simply swishing some water or milk around in your mouth after consuming any foods or beverages containing sugar, you’ll be helping to neutralize the mouth’s acidic environment - thus helping to reduce your risk of decay and cavity formation.

Give those gums the love they deserve!

When you take great care of your gums, your smile will thank you. Our dentist in Milton can also help you to achieve your healthiest smile... just book a visit with us today!

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