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How Do Your Specific Eating Habits Affect Your Smile?

Let’s find out!

A healthy smile doesn’t only depend on great oral hygiene habits to stay healthy and beautiful. Your DIET, as well as how often you snack throughout the day has a significant impact on oral health. What’s your eating style, and has it been doing your smile more harm than good?

Let’s see. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my diet high in carbohydrate or sugary foods? (Breads, pastas, cereals, granola, cookies, candy, fruit juices, sodas, etc.)?

    If yes, your diet is putting you at risk for tooth decay. When you consume a carb or sugar-based food or beverage, the bacteria in your mouth uses this as fuel to create tooth decay-causing acids. Our Milton dentist suggests patients try to limit the amount of these foods they eat, or make it a habit to swish water around in your mouth after eating to help wash off the bacteria from your teeth and neutralize the acidic mouth environment.

  • Do I snack a lot throughout the day?

    If you tend to snack frequently throughout the day on carbohydrate or sugar-based foods and/or drinks, you might want to work at changing this. The more your mouth is exposed to these substances, the more acid attacks your teeth have to endure – increasing your risk for cavity development each time. Try to eat less frequent, larger meals and keep snacking to a minimum… unless of course, you’re enjoying a dental-friendly food!

  • Do I consume a lot of acidic foods or beverages (citrus fruits and juices, vinegar-based salad dressings, etc.)?

    Every time you consume anything highly acidic, your teeth take a hit. Our tooth enamel is sensitive to acids, as they can erode this hard protective layer and increase your risk for decay. As mentioned before, limiting your intake of these substances, or swishing water around in your mouth after consumption will reduce the harm done.

So, will you be making any changes to your dietary habits? Even implementing the smallest changes now can make a big impact on the health of your smile n the long run!

How your diet affects your smile.

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