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Is Your Dog’s Oral Health at Risk?

When’s the last time you brushed your dog’s teeth?

Periodontal disease isn’t only an issue among humans. It’s actually (sadly) a highly common problem in dogs… especially if their owners aren’t doing their part to ensure their oral health. The pH of a dog’s mouth also happens to promote more plaque bacteria growth. That said, preventive care is a must for both humans AND dogs – you can trust our Milton dentist on this one!

To make matters worse, gum disease often shows NO warning signs until it’s in its advanced stages – causing your furry friend chronic pain, and wreaking havoc on their gums and teeth. And once your dog finally does start to show these warning signs: unusually bad breath, swollen/red gums, yellowing or browning of the teeth and a loss in appetite are among the most common symptoms.

What can I do to protect my dog’s oral (and overall) wellbeing?

Taking the right daily steps to ensuring your dog’s oral health will have a huge positive impact on their life in the long run. Here are three ways you can protect your dog’s smile:

1. Brush your dog’s teeth daily.

Brushing your dog’s teeth every day, or at least aiming for every day, will help to protect your dog’s mouth from periodontal disease and tooth decay. It will also help to prolong your dog’s life by many years. If you’re having trouble getting your dog to comply with you when it’s time to brush their teeth, talk to your vet about methods or products that may make it easier (or possible!) to clean your dog’s mouth.

2. Feed your dog a meat-based diet.

A meat-based diet will help to ensure a healthy oral environment, as raw protein is a very dental-friendly food.

3. Give your dog dental-friendly chew toys and treats

Toys or treats that provide some resistance with chewing are great for keeping the structures of your dog’s mouth vital and active. They can also help to remove plaque build-up from the teeth.

It’s always a good idea to take your pup to the vet for regular check-ups, ESPECIALLY if you suspect their oral health may be at risk. If your dog’s oral health could use more attention from you, we hope this article has inspired you to make some positive changes! When you look after your dog’s mouth, you’re looking after their whole body… and ultimately helping to prolong their life. :)

Your Dog's oral health.

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